Fireproof Recording

Selected Discography 2010

Adam Lasus Discography – All Music Guide

Full Length & Extended Length Recordings:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Producer/Engineer
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Army Navy – Producer/Engineer
Army Navy

Marching Band – Producer/Engineer
Spark Large

Helium – Producer/Engineer
The Dirt Of Luck” (Matador)
Pirate Parade” (Matador)

Juliana Hatfield – Engineer
Hey Babe” (Mammoth)

Versus – Producer/Engineer
The Stars Are Insane” (Teen Beat)
Let’s Electrify” (Remora)

Yo La Tengo – Engineer
Genius + Love =YLT” (Matador)
Upside Down” (Alias)

Amy Ray – Engineer
Stag” (Daemon Records)

Gigolo Aunts – Co-Producer
Flipping Out” (RCA/Fire)
Full On Bloom” (Alias)

Madder Rose – Co-Producer/Engineer
Bring It Down” (Seed/Atlantic)
The Love You Save” (Tag/Atlantic)

Clem Snide – Producer/Engineer
You Were A Diamond” (Tractor Beam)

Tiffany Anders – Engineer
Funny Cry, Happy Gift” (Up Records)
(produced by PJ Harvey)

Matt Keating – Producer/Engineer
Killjoy” (Alias)
Scary Area” (Alias)
Tell It To Yourself” (Alias)

Space Needle – Producer/Engineer
The Moray Eels Eat The Space Needle” (Zero Hour)

Chris Harford – Producer/Engineer
Wake” (Soul Selects)
Be Headed” (Elektra)
Comet” (Black Shepherd)

Varnaline – Producer/Engineer
Varnaline” (Zero Hour)

Lilys – Producer/Engineer
Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns” (SpinArt)

Mark Mulcahy – Producer/Engineer
Fathering” (Mezzotint)
Smile Sunset” (Mezzotint)

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